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What causes skin tags?

When you have skin tags you have to understand that you are not only one who is suffering from this problem along with you there are almost thirty three percent people in world who are facing same problem. With adoption of different techniques, some have found a way to deal with this problem whereas some still understand what the heck a skin tag is and why they have it. Medically proven causes of skin tags are said to be considerate and common but along with it if there are any other causes then little amount of research is still needed in this field. All you have to understand in the first instant is all these skin tags are much more harmless and painless and this is not any kind of disease or skin anomaly just a cutaneous primary form of benign tumor noticed mostly in the skin folds or skin creases.

Causes of skin tags

  • Overweight or obesity is considered to be the main reason and most often an important element in causes of skin tags. As more loose skin is formed in obese people, they are highly prone to getting skin tags in areas where one part of skin constantly rubs with the other part of skin. The most common sites where skin tags can be noticed in obese people are armpits or axilla, Chest, groin folds, face and on neck occasionally, they are found on eyelids.
  • Another common cause of skin tags is hormonal imbalance, where hormonal balance and hormonal cycle is impaired invites skin tags formation. Gigantism is one such reason where hormonal balance in hampered and provides more chances of skin tags formation.
  • Diabetes patients who are in constant need of Insulin injection this resistance of insulin are also one of the main reasons of skin tags formation.
  • Pregnancy in females will always have elevated hormonal levels and as a side effect, they are more prone to develop skin tags on their body. Most common are the areas where one part of skin comes in constant contact with another part of skin like skin below breasts or bra-line. Once the pregnancy is finished these skin tags will automatically subside as they for the time being.
  • Heredity is one of the prime concerns of skin tags causes as it has some casual genetic component, which helps it to pass it on to next generation. Skin tags can be found in babies and kids who are born to parents having fair amount of skin tag problems.

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